sobota 5. marca 2016

all in my head

Important notice to a casual reader: This post may not have any sense. 

It's going to be just few lines - some thoughts crossing my mind a lot lately.

The monotousness in life. It's always the same. Everything is black or white. Even gray is considered extreme. Boring! What about other colors? Other things not fitting?

Unreachable love! What could be worse than being in love with someone unreachable? What if he may become reachable, but not reachable for you?

Now I am really getting to the point. These two thoughts together. Think about it a little. And result? 

Despite all colorfull preferences, he will choose safely. That's why I am alone, and some brunette has it all (and it's ALWAYS brunette who has it all)! Some people just have it, some people just don't. Let's call this "THE" ballance. I am trying to be strong. But sometimes I just can't handle it anymore. It's not fair. It's not right. It's not natural. It's not life.
Simplicity. We should not repress anything. Why do we keep doing this?

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